Teen Moms In-School Emotional Coping Skills Group

A counseling group for pregnant teens and young mothers of infants.
Teen Moms In-School Emotional Coping Skills Group

Teen Moms In-School Emotional Coping Skills Group

Forty-five percent (45%) of adolescent mothers have moderate-to-severe depression. Decades of research indicates that a mother’s mental health has a significant
impact on her pregnancy outcomes, the developing fetus, emotional attachment to her child and her child’s development, psychological health, and academic success.

We have created this skills-based curriculum to address the needs of pregnant and postpartum young moms: To learn how to better manage their emotions and those of their children; tolerate day-to-day stressors; communicate more effectively, and build self confidence as women and mothers. This skill-based curriculum is especially beneficial for young women struggling with depression, anxiety, chaotic or exploitive relationships, and/or difficulty managing feelings such as anger, shame, and worry.

Skills curriculum focuses on four areas of challenge:

Mindfulness skills bring more rational thought, calm, and contentment
Distress tolerance skills build patience, equanimity, and confidence
Emotional regulation skills give more control over intense feelings
Communication and interpersonal skills to be more effective in relationships

Additional In-School and Clinic-Based Services for Pregnant and Postpartum Teens

Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling

Students may meet in person or via video with counselors who have had advanced training supporting pregnant and postpartum moms, and how to recognize and treat prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression. We help them work through their issues, relationships, and next steps.

Perinatal Psychiatry and  Medication Management

When necessary, a pregnant or postpartum woman may benefit from medication to treat her symptoms. Our perinatal medication management team consists of a perinatal psychiatrist, a certified nurse midwife, and nurse practitioner who are regional experts specializing in best practices concerning risks and benefits of safe medication to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Since 2003, The Postpartum Counseling Center has provided perinatal mental health care, education, and support to mothers, their partners, and family members. Our counselors and physicians have advanced training in maternal mental health to support and treat new and expecting moms as they cope with the challenges of becoming parents.


Student insurance covers all services. Services are offered at your school, school-based clinic, and at our clinic locations around the metro area. Counselors communicate with school and student families as needed.

For more information, please contact our clinical director:
Krista Post, MA, Licensed Psychologist: (612) 791-0733 / info@phawellness.com