Medical Cannabis for PTSD

Medical Cannabis for PTSD

Insurance Accepted + $85 for Certification

If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and live in Minnesota you may now benefit from using medical marijuana. Minnesota is the 23rd state to legalize medical cannabis for symptom relief from certain conditions, including PTSD.

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If you meet diagnostic criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, our providers, who are on the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry, will certify your participation in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program. Note: only providers enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis registry are qualified to certify your condition. 

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Insurance Accepted + $85 for certification


The best part of PTSD treatment with medical cannabis is, it allows you to slow down. You don’t experience the anxiety attacks…. It allows you to think. It allows you to face some of those triggers that many PTSD victims are afraid to face.

~ Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 8, 2017

Review DSM-5 Criteria for PTSD here

How to Get Started

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our medical cannabis registry providers. If you meet diagnostic criteria, we will certify your participation in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program.

Following your appointment, we help you:

  • Register with the Minnesota State Office of Medical Cannabis
  • Receive your prescription at a local Cannabis Patient Center.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Patient E-mail and Acknowledgment Form.
  2. A list of all your current medications and their doses.
  3. Any relevant medical records from past mental health treatment
  4. Cash or credit card
  5. Minnesota Drivers license or Identificaion


We accept insurance + $85 for State of MN Certification (paid at time of service).

PTSD presented the strongest case for potential benefits. PTSD also has few effective treatment alternatives available for some patients with the condition.

~ Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger


After we have certified your condition, you will be eligible to register in the MN Medical Cannabis Program.

Cannabis Pharmacies

Medical Marijuana is currently available at eight Minnesota locations.

Cannabis Use as a Treatment Option

The use of medical marijuana for treatment of PTSD is still being studied. Few harmful effects have been found with its use. Cannabis only helps individuals cope with the symptoms of PTSD; it does not “cure” the issue.

Psychiatric medications, alternative approaches, e.g., acupuncture, meditation, are also used for managing symptoms. Fully recovering from PTSD involves working through the traumas underlying your symptoms. If you would like help finding a licensed mental health practitioner specializing in trauma treatment, please contact at our main office.