Medication Management

Psychiatric care and medication management through Psychotherapy & Healing Associates

Our Psychiatric Clinicians:

PROOF-Brianna-MurugesanDr. Brianna Murugesan, DO


lisa-150x150Lisa Miles, CNM, NP
Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


naima abdiNaima Abdi
Psychiatry Care Coordinator



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About Medication Treatment

Many different factors cause depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. There may be situational, biological or hormonal components to a person’s suffering. Better self-care, coping techniques and other alternatives may help, but may not bring enough relief or recovery necessary to function effectively and feel good.

Mental health has such a strong impact on our lives: relationships, work and home lives. There are certain conditions and life experiences where psychotropic medications may be most helpful and even necessary. Life is too short to suffer!

psychiatric care in Minneapolis

We perform thorough evaluations and have a discussion with you to determine if medication would be helpful or advised. Each person’s comfort level is respected and nothing is prescribed that goes against your willingness or readiness.

We specialize in perinatal and reproductive mental health and stay current on the latest research on safe prescribing practices during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In many cases, in addition to medication management, we recommend concurrent psychotherapy or counseling to ensure the best possible long-term outcomes.