The Postpartum Counseling Center

Counseling, support and medication management for pregnant and postpartum women
Pregnancy and Postpartum Counseling

If you are struggling with issues related to pregnancy or being a parent, you deserve support from a professional who understands what you are experiencing.

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the happiest and fulfilling times of our lives. However, many new and expecting mothers (and fathers) struggle silently — doubting themselves, being unhappy or ashamed of the feelings they experience.

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Some women become depressed or anxious during pregnancy. Lack of sleep and worry drain energy and hopefulness even before the baby comes. Fear that something will happen to baby or anxiety about labor and delivery can cause a parent to struggle after baby comes, too.

Having a baby can overwhelm and threaten emotional well being and the relationship with your partner. Many factors play a part including hormones, fatigue and overall adjustment to parenting.

The problem may be about adjusting to a new role and identity, figuring out how to balance the demands of work and family, and how to fit in “me-time.”

Our therapists have both personal experience and professional training in pregnancy and postpartum issues. We understand the challenges that can result from pregnancy and parenthood, and can help you traverse them.

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