Consent for Audio/Video Recording

Psychotherapy & Healing Associates, Ltd. advanced graduate trainees and psychotherapists are often required or motivated to audio &/or video record their sessions. This is a significant component of graduate & post-graduate training.

Recording sessions will only occur with your consent, and all applicable HIPAA confidentiality policies do apply. Please read the following, and indicate below if you are willing to have your psychotherapy sessions recorded:

  1. The purpose of audio/video recording sessions is for use in advanced training and supervision.
  2. Psychotherapists and trainees will listen to these recordings on their own, with their supervisors, or during case consultations meetings.
  3. Patients may request that recording be stopped at any time, and also may request that any portion of these recordings be deleted.
  4. The contents of these recordings are confidential, and the information will not be shared outside the context of individual and group supervision.
  5. The recordings will be stored securely and will not be used for any other purpose without patient’s written permission.
  6. Patients have the right to review recordings with their psychotherapist during a counseling session.
  7. Recordings will be destroyed when training &/or supervision is completed.

Thank you!