Miscarriage & Early Pregnancy Loss Group

Group counseling and guidance for women who have experienced miscarriage, repeated miscarriages, ectopic & early pregnancy loss.
Miscarriage & Early Pregnancy Loss Group

A Counseling Group for Women

This group is for: Women who have miscarried, experienced recurrent miscarriage, an ectopic or early pregnancy loss within the last two years; and who are trying to conceive again or sustain a viable pregnancy.

Whether you’ve had one pregnancy loss or multiple losses, it can be a consuming process – physically and emotionally. There is the immediate shock, then sadness, anger and longing. Worry may cloud your next steps, as you try again, or search for answers. It is not uncommon to feel defective, angry and jealous, or hopeless as people around you become pregnant, have babies and go on with their lives.

This is more than a support group. We will:
  • Learn how to cope more comfortably using specific skills
  • Learn how to deal with pregnant and new moms in your life
  • Make decisions about what’s next
  • Talk with other women who ‘get it’
  • Regain your hope of becoming a parent

When: Second & Fourth Saturday every month, 10:00a.m. – 11:30a.m.

Location: West Calhoun office »

Facilitator: Jess Vail »

To register: Submit your insurance here » (most insurance accepted) or call 612-296-3800.