Individual and Family Counseling

Psychotherapy for adults and families

Counseling in the Twin CitiesIndividual Counseling & Psychotherapy

We provide the gentle, non-judgmental safety you need to figure out how you feel and what you want. We are direct and offer practical guidance. Whether you are facing difficult circumstances, a problem within yourself or within a relationship —  we help you sort out the whys and hows, and guide you toward a more fulfilling life. LGBTQ-friendly.

Couples Counseling

Being happy and satisfied in a long-term relationship is one of the most difficult challenges we face in life. The every day stressors of work, children, finances and/or unresolved past histories contribute to unhappiness in a relationship. We provide guidance and support through the rough times, teach you how to communicate more effectively, and help you feel closer to one another.

Children, adolescent and family therapy in the Twin Cities

Therapy For Adolescents and Families

Childhood or teenage depression, anxiety, loss, behavior problems and parenting concerns are reasons why families seek out professional guidance. Our therapists who specialize in children and adolescents will assess your child’s needs with you, and provide individual treatment or play therapy. In addition, our clinics offer family therapy services.

Group Counseling

Pregnancy, Postpartum, Adjustment to Parenthood

Becoming a parent is one of the most important & challenging things we do in life. Preparing for the task, managing the feelings around changing roles, finding balance, getting along with our partners, recovering from trauma or unexpected outcomes, and parenting are among the many issues that arise. Our therapists are trained in perinatal mental health, and specialize in those issues that new & expecting parents face.


When faced with fertility challenges, our whole lives are affected in the quest to conceive. You may be struggling with multiple losses or indecision around family building methods or treatment options. You may experience relationship difficulties with partners, friends and family. We assist couples experiencing infertility by offering support & understanding as you explore the difficult questions. We will help you gain hope and resolve around your next steps in family building.

Perinatal Bereavement

Losing a pregnancy or infant can be one of the most emotionally devastating life events a person can experience. Imagining how to go on after such a loss may be incomprehensible. Friends, family and even partners may not know how to embrace or support your grief. We bring sensitivity, patience and compassion to the process as you journey to understand and cope with your loss.