Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling services in Minneapolis

We use a gentle, yet direct approach to help you reach your goals.

Our approach emphasizes the importance of developing meaningful self-purpose and fulfilling work and relationships. We tailor our clinical and treatment style to meet your needs and personality.

Our therapists help you recognize the aspects of yourself and your life that are sabotaging your happiness, and then help you find a path toward change and more effectiveness. Through the process you become better equipped to manage and resolve challenges on your own. Your self-esteem grows and your relationships improve.

Psychotherapy & Healing Associates assists individuals, couples and families. We provide general psychotherapy and also specialize in counseling around reproductive issues.

General Psychotherapy


Children, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Children, Adolescents & Families

Children, Adolescent and Therapy. Children’s behavior, raising teenagers, parenting concerns, divorce & separation, and loss are all reasons why families may seek guidance. Our therapists make sure everyone is heard & understood. We evaluate the needs of children & adolescents, and help families work through difficult transitions, negotiate conflict, and grow toward more harmonious relationships & effective lives.


Group Support & Group Counseling

Group Support & Group Counseling. Sitting with others like yourself that have the same issues, helps you feel less alone, and more confident that you can reach your goals. We provide both support groups & group counseling that focus on practical skill-building that helps you cope more effectively and feel more hopeful. Read more….



Reproductive Psychology & Perinatal Mental Health



Infertility.  Coping with infertility often involves isolation and sadness regarding one’s social life, family, & workplace as others celebrate their pregnancies and births. Sometimes a couple’s relationship is compromised by differing viewpoints and readiness for next steps. How to survive the roller coaster of each cycle in a self-caring and hopeful way. Read more….

Psychological Evaluations & Consultations required by clinics & agencies for fertility treatment & procedures available for infertility patients, donor recipient parents, prospective donors, surrogates & gestational carriers.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Losing a pregnancy or infant can be one of the most emotionally devastating life events a person can experience. Imagining how to go on after such a loss may be incomprehensible. Friends, family and even partners may not know how to embrace or support your grief. There may be anger or guilt that remain, traumatic memories, and even sweet events despite the loss, that all deserve attention and care. Read more….


Pregnancy & Postpartum Adjustment. If you are struggling with issues related to becoming or being a parent, you deserve support from someone who “gets it”. Having a baby is supposed to be — or so we’ve been told — one of the happiest and fulfilling times of our lives. However, many new and expecting mothers (and; fathers) struggle silently — doubting themselves, unhappy, and ashamed of their experience. Read more….