Psychotherapy & Healing Associates, LTD

Providing compassionate psychotherapy and psychiatric care in the Twin Cities
Psychotherapy in the Twin Cities

Our therapists and counselors can help guide you through life’s challenges

Whether you are struggling with issues beyond your control, relationship problems, or difficult aspects of yourself, we bring a gentle, yet direct approach to our work with you.

We help you understand your feelings and behaviors as we explore the challenging issues. You gain insight into yourself and your problems, learn practical skills that help you cope more effectively and take concrete action steps to reach your goals.

Through the process you become better equipped to manage and resolve challenges on your own. Your self-esteem grows and your relationships improve. Our approach emphasizes the importance of developing meaningful self-purpose and fulfilling work and relationships.

If you are struggling with a loss or a reproductive issue beyond your control, our professionals understand your needs and circumstances. We specialize in supporting emotional well-being through infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, recovery after birth trauma, pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety, as well as adjusting to life as a new mother or father.

  • You are the focus

    Our clients are the focus of our work and we never lose sight of the goals we set together.

  • Our approach is nurturing

    We take special care to bring a nurturing tone to all our work.

  • Balanced and healthy

    We help you achieve a balanced, healthy life.